Critical Race Theory


Title: Critical Race Theory

Explain the theory in one page. Five peer reviewed journal articles must be cited on this one page. Demonstration of practical understanding is required.
Identify in one page the strengths and limitations of this theory. Integrate a description of how this theory can help educators become more sensitive to student, clients, colleagues, and communities unlike them. This assignment is required to be writing in APA format, Times New Roman Double space.


Please use a simple words as nonnative speaker


Critical race emerged in the late 1970s and 1980s when some scholars were perturbed by the slowing momentum in the fight for racial equality.  This theory was developed from a legal point of view and found application in the education sector (Abrams & Moio, 2009).  It provides the basis for a critical analysis of race and racism from a legal point of view but in the wider scope of its application in education and the society as a whole.