Critical Essay on the Death and Life of Great American Cities


This assignment is about writing a critical essay about Jane Jacob’s book ( The death and life of great american cities) I will include a link that has the pdf version of the book. I will upload the paper instructions, please read the instructions carefully. In addition, I will upload a pdf file about the grading in this class. Please try to read the instructions and the grading file carefully. Here is the link of the book:


The Death and Life of Great American Cities was a critical book written in 1961 by Jane Jacobs.   It can be considered a critique of the urban planning policy that was adopted in the 1950s and 1960s.  The author, a renowned writer and activist, showed reservation for the way in which urban planners had intentionally planned for a decline of city neighborhoods with plans that did not consider the social life of the people.  One of the most important aspect of the book is that it does not only criticize the urban planning models of the time but it offers solutions in form of new ideas  that would ensure there is increased organic vibrancy in the American urban life. It still one of the most influential piece of literature in the urban planning professional and for the general public. The book has been translated into more than six languages. This study will take a critical review of the book into main segments. The first segments will be a review of the continents of the book, highlighting the main points communicated by Jacobs. The second segment will be a critical review and analysis that will reflect on the validity of the urban planning concepts advanced by the author and whether they are still relevant in the contemporary urban life.