(critical essay analyzing the event)


The topic can be one only from the following:
1) Energy flow through ecological systems is based upon an abundant and reliable supply of high quality energy. This energy is assimilated by a dispersed network of primary producers and used by all living things to meet their basic needs for survival.
2) Adaptations to ecological conditions result from natural selection on traits that affect the reproductive success of individuals.
3) Hierarchical form of organization of ecological systems.

After choosing one topic:

From the current news media, select an event, situation, trend, problem, process or issue that is relevant or illustrative of some part of the topic that you have chosen. Craft a critical essay analyzing the event. Your mission is to take the ideas associated with energy flow, nutrient cycling, hierarchy or evolution through natural selection and apply them to what is currently the focus of media attention. The media you use can be a recent article in the news. Use a feature or editorial-not a short wire service “note”. Alternatively you can select a recent article from a popular magazine (again a feature article-not “People in the News”) such as one of the weekly news magazines (Newsweek, Time, Business Week. etc.) , or popular science and culture magazines (Natural History, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Scientific American, etc). Please also cite at least three references from the assigned readings or other sources. Please be forcefully critical, strongly supporting or refuting the point of view in the article. Whether you chose attack or support the (poor or lucky) author’s perspective-you must craft an argument based in details that are related to the concepts you feel support your standpoint. Include a copy of the article feature in your essay.


Energy flow in ecological environment

Everything that people eat can be followed back to the sun along the food chain. A food chain is a series of organism which interact in a manner that they eat one another consecutively and in the process some nutrients and energy are transferred to the eater. Almost all the food people eat derives their origin from agricultural ecosystems which are controlled by human beings. For instance, people eat meat from cows which also derives its source of food from corn maize and corn maize also receives the light as a source of energy from the sun. In the recent past, there has been a rising issues of biofuel use as a threat to energy flow in human ecosystem. The claims are viable according to my perspective and I support the United Nation food summit to give verdict of the use of biofuel