critical analysis essay on the film The true cost


Critical Analysis Film Viewing Guide Questions to consider while watching the film: • How is the film structured? – How effective is the introduction? • What is the strategy? • Is there a direct attempt to elicit an emotional response? • Is the primary argument (thesis) introduced? • Remember that films often do not state a formal thesis; instead, they generally introduce the issue at hand. – What is the strategy to guide the viewer through the body of the film? • Does the film follow a timeline? • Does the film use headings/titles? • Does the film follow a certain individual(s)? – How effective is the conclusion? • What is the strategy? • Is there a direct attempt to elicit an emotional response? • Does the conclusion clarify and conclude the overall argument posed? • How does the director elicit emotional appeal within the body of the film? – Are there moments where the audience would likely empathize with someone? – Are there moments of suffering portrayed? – Are there shocking statements/revelations? – Is there specific imagery that is used to convey emotion? – Is there music that affects the tone of specific scenes? • How does the director support his/her claims in the body of the film? – Are the sources used appropriate and reputable? • Remember that documentaries often use sources outside of the academic community – Does the director offer a strong variety of sources? – Does the director rely too much/too little on specific sources? – Is the piece free of bias? – Are all arguments logical? – Does the director examine or at least recognize the other side of the argu

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The world fashion industry remains one of the biggest industries globally, and it is estimated to be worth more than two million dollars where it creates economic development, revenue earnings, and product individual’s wears and, more importantly, creating jobs. For almost two decades now, the cost of clothing has drastically dropped for consumers in the global north. What are the cost effects of this industry? What influence does the industry have on the wellbeing and the health of communities, consumers, and workers across the globe? The True Cost documentary movie by Andrew Morton have an introduction that is structured to have explanation of this question drawing large consideration of the industry in various sites, comprising the social duty summit in Copenhagen, cotton farms in Texas, shop floors of Bangladesh factories, and labor demonstration on Cambodian streets.