Crisis Negotiation


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Terrorism activities have been with us for a along time and the recent events have proven that these activities will continue to affect our lives. How to tackle terrorism effectively has been studied widely coming up with varied opinions as to which method is the best. Some emphasize the tactical approach that is characterized by rhetoric as, “rapid response antiterrorist units and terminal action units.” The American Delta Force, Israeli Sayaret Maktal, as well as British Special Air Service are some of the examples of the international tactical terrorism response. Unfortunately, it seems that no matter how well-trained our tactical forces are, still innocent people are killed as a result of these operations.One might possibly use the hostage disaster in Munich in 1972, as an example of why the tactical response should be avoided. However, on the other hand, the successful Entebbe hostage rescue by the Israeli’s, reinforces the fact that at times tactical operations do work. However, one fact is evident and clear that when tactical response operations either fail or work, death is often a by-product. Either, a hostage, terrorist, or rescuer eventually dies. Or sometimes all of them may die in the process.