Crisis Intervention Response Plan


develop a 10–12 page paper for a school or district crisis intervention response plan. Your paper should build upon the identified strengths, and address the identified weaknesses of the plan you originally analyzed. You can and should use portions of your past papers to help you, however, please do not simply turn in all three past papers and think you will score well. This is intended to demonstrate your ability to go into a school/district and either (a) improve the current crisis intervention response plan, or (b) develop one from scratch to meet the needs of the school during and after a school-wide emotional crisis. Think like a school counselor and develop a plan for a school or district crisis team that is called into action.


Schools like other human settings are prone to unanticipated or unexpected critical incidences which may disrupt normal teaching, learning and practices in the school community. Due to the different crisis which can strike a school environment and cause emotional distress to the children and staff, there is a need for an efficient crisis intervention plan. Crisis like fire, severe weather, catastrophic injury or death of student(s), violent behavior and bomb threat can have immense school wide emotional crisis. Due to these problems, there is need for preparedness for such uncertainties so as to ensure smooth operations, safety and recovery in the event of such a crisis. Each school is bound to ensuring efficient and quick response to emergencies to all incidences which may affect the normal functioning of the school system. Knowledge and awareness of the approaches to quick and safe response to emergencies is a key requirement in every school. It is worth noting that there is no time for the delegation of duties during a crisis, thus the need for efficient structures to guide people in the event of emergencies. All members of the school community should be responsible and actively involved in mitigating a crisis. Nevertheless, there is a need for adequate preparation for crisis by ensuring that each responder has clear roles which are elaborately defined as well as have the necessary skills for engaging in crisis mitigation. In this paper, a fire crisis intervention plan will be provided. Fire tragedies have been very common in school environments and have led to great financial loss, loss of life, injuries, and emotional distress as the need for efficient intervention plans.