Crime Investigation


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Interrogation is the process of interviewing a suspect of crime by a police officer or intelligence agency with an aim of extracting some information from him/her. Interrogation may be carried out to suspects of crime, victims and/or witnesses of a crime who provide viable information about a crime. There are different techniques of interrogation that range from building a rapport to inflicting pain to the subjects of interrogation. These techniques include; suggestibility, deception, torture, and good cop/bad cop method among others (Singh, 2008).

Increasing suggestibility is the propensity of an individual to pay attention to the propositions of others and act accordingly. On this basis, suggestibility as a technique can be enhanced by exposing someone to noise, sleep denial and using drugs like sodium amytal. In this case, interrogators seek to improve the willingness of the victims to act as per their suggestions. On the other hand, deception is the process where an interrogator lies to the victims or suspects of a crime in order to get very important information from them. Some time it is very difficult to get some information from a suspect and hence false allegations are made to the suspect of a crime. According to Gordon and Fleisher (2006), torture is one of the oldest methods of interrogation where individuals are subjected to physical pain. Good cop/bad cop is the process where two interrogators question a suspect where one is too harsh while the other is too kind. Here, the suspect will tend to give the kind cop more truth information as he/she seems to be more caring than the other one (Gordon and Fleisher, 2006).