Organizational purpose is an important foundation for strategic planning within organizations. Could that be true also for individuals? Is personal purpose a foundation for an individual’s career planning? Submit a career action plan articulating your specific purpose statement (mission statement, etc.) based on your personal SWOT analysis (use as a guide the first bulleted item in the MyTurn to be a Manager section on page 217. Additional information to assist you is also available at if you search under the title of “you decide” and access the Febuary-March 1998 issue.


Purpose Statement

My purpose statement is to become a good manager who can lead any organization under my care to greater heights. I intend to be a manager who is competent in different organizational management perspectives including finance management, human resource management, and overall coordination of organization activities.

Major/Career Exploration

In order to become a good organization manager, I have explored the following careers that form the basis of a good manager: