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Choose any of history topic from syllabubs pages 3-5 only. Choose writing text over images.

Creative Writing Assignment. History 110A-10 (1)

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Utopia is a denotation term for a society in perfect state with its members living in the perfect. Thomas More generated the name utopia as a perfect state. Utopianism is diverse ways through which individuals attempt to make a perfect society through thinking and to depict it in that perfect state. The Utopian assumes that intelligence and reason can bring a society in a better situation. Their thought deals with morality, political stability, ethics, and psychology. Utopian have optimistic belief in the possibility of an ideal society and thus motivated towards political and social changes (Parrinder, pg. 7). The term Utopia has been used to define existing societies founded in an attempt to build a perfect political and economic system. On the other hand, it includes some fatal weaknesses which make founding of such society difficult. According to (Eagleton, pg. 411), utopia is an ideal society where poverty and misery do not exist.