Creationism Taught in Schools


I want to argue that creationism should be taught in our schools. These are some of my ideas. They are both ultimately faith based theories. Both sides can argue evidence, but neither has final proof. If teaching creationism is teaching a particular religious belief, then so is teaching evolutionism because it promotes atheism. If we take creationism out of the classroom because it is Bible and faith based, then much of history would have to be omitted since so much of history and politics revolved around religious beliefs and doctrines. Many wars were faught over religious differences. The history of the US is almost all christian based, with all of the main characters being highly religious people. Then finally, all view points should be taught and acknowledged, because to teach just one is to show prejudice against the other. Opposing viewpoints should be taught and the student should be able, as a critical thinker to decide which he will support and why. Creationist should not have to try to prove themselves to be a “science” in order to be taught. It is a reality that Christianity and the Bible exist, to keep them out of the classroom is like trying to keep kids from learning about sex, or how to use the internet.


For a long time now, the issue of whether creationism should be taught in schools has been contentious. While those who are religiously oriented argue that it is imperative to  teach creationism in school, opponent argue that there is no scientific bases that support creationism and therefore it should not be taught in schools.  In a country which was founded on ideals of democracy and respect for individual rights and freedom, there may be a straight answer to this question that as part of our religious belief, then it should be taught in schools. However, this straight answer to the question is entangled in myriad of scientific theories which assert that for anything to be true then it has to be approved through an empirical scientific method.