Creating Loyal Customers at Holiday Inn Express



The hotel sector is currently viewed as a global industry since investors from
across the world continue to establish their tourism and hospitality businesses
anywhere. The advancement of technology and the increased adoption of e-
commerce has enabled globalization of the hotel industry (Anderson & Srinivasan,
2003; Buhalis & Law, 2008)). Importantly, the competition in the industry has
compelled investors to design a variety of strategies to attract and retain loyal
consumers irrespective of their regional/national location. Therefore, creating loyal
customers has turned out to become one of the essential facets of attracting, fulfilling
the needs of the clientele, and hence, establishing a loyal customer base in the
market. Holiday Inn Express has realised the importance of creating loyal customers
to advance its business.



3231THS Managing Hospitality Service Experiences – T2, 2018

Proposal to Implement a Recommendation
Due Date:. Wednesday 10 th October 2018, 1pm
Submission: Electronically via L@G. You must also complete the online Academic

Integrity Declaration.

Format: Electronic format: either a .PPS, PDF, or MP4 file format
Length: If .PPS or MP4, no longer than 4 minutes. If PDF, no longer than 2

Weighting: 25%
Marking: Marked out of 25. Detailed marking criteria are available on the course
L@G site. Standard late penalties apply (refer to Course Profile for

The Task
From the list of recommendations that you made in your individual written assignment, you
must design a proposal for implementation within your selected organisation. In this
regard, you will be acting as an external consultant, making a proposal to the Chief
Executive Officer / General Manager / Managing Director of the organisation that you are
making a proposal for.
You have much scope in deciding what to propose – you will be assessed on the
applicability and feasability of the proposal in relation to the recommendation you have
made and the organisation you are designing the proposal for.
You must submit your proposal online (via L@G), so it must be submitted in an electronic
format. However, you can choose which electronic format best suits your proposal and
personal style. For example, you might choose to make a video, or a custom-desgined
PowerPoint Show (i.e. a pps file). You might choose a more written format, such as a
brochure in PDF format.
Examples of proposals might include a training program, an organisational audit or an
internal marketing campaign. Creativity, relevance and feasability in relation to the
recommendation and selected organisation will be highly rewarded in the marking of this

Structure of the assignment
You must first summarise the recommendation that you are making for implementation.
You must then outline the expected benefits and outcomes of implementing the proposal,
e.g. enhanced service quality in a measurable way; decreased cost of new customer
acquisition; improvements in customer loyalty and retention; decreased employee
turnover; improved employee empowerment and engagement; enhanced customer-to-
customer word of mouth. Note that these are examples only – you could suggest other
benefits/outcomes as long as they are quantifiable. Also note that your proposal does not
have to result in all of these examples, one will be sufficient as long as it can be objectively
You must also indicate the costs and timeframes involved in the implementation and when
the benefits and outcomes can be reasonably expected.
You must provide an overview of the stages involved in implementing the proposal,along
with required resources and personnel that will be responsible and accountable for
ensuring the effectiveness of the implementation.
Summarise your proposal with a ‘tag-line’ or ‘slogan’ that effectively captures the essence
and key outcome of the implemented proposal.
Other instructions
You do not have to write in prose for this proposal. Short sentences combined with dot
points will be appropriate. You will be able to present most of the proposal visually, e.g.
tables, diagrams, workflow processes and/or charts.
Where you are quantifying measurable outcomes and improvements, you must wherever
possible refer to benchmark data (e.g. profitability percentages, average employee
turnover etc.). To do this, you can footnote your source information on the relevant
slide/page/videoframe. Other than that, it is not necessary to provide a list of formal
references at the end of the assignment.
Hints and tips
Remember that you are essentially ‘pitching’ an idea to a busy executive in order to win
consultancy business. To do this you will need to be comprehensive yet concise, and the
format you choose to present your proposal must be catchy and engaging.
Always keep in mind the type of organisation you are pitching to, the core service offering
and the needs of the organisation’s customers. Your proposal will need to be relevant and
feasible to implement.