Creating a natural eye cream


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Periorbital area is one of the most important areas in the body that marks aging.  The eye area is the visible part of the body. Eye-to-eye communication occurs in more than 80 percent of all interactions and the contact is made on the facial area directly to the eye, which means that any change in the area around the eye is most visible. The eye is considered as the window to the soul and it is used to convey different emotions. The person’s eye is the first features that is noticed and are essential to the overall appearance.   The orbital area conveys important information regarding the general health of the individual. It creates an impression of individual health, fatigue, interest, and even emotions.  For most people seeking rejuvenation surgery, the eye area is always the first to receive attention. Aging in the periorbital mainly leads to the demarcation of the bony landmark in the area of orbital rim thereby unmasking the orbital fat packs and flatten the frontal projection of subcutaneous tissues. This mainly leads   to downward displacement of skin in the periorbital area.