Court System


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The courts system is one of the most important public organizations in the world.  The court system is meant to ensure that justice is served to all citizens. It is at the center of public life considering that there will be constant conflicts between different parties in the society, and without a trusted court system, the society will collapse  under chaos (Hays, Kearney & Coggburn, 2009). The court system ensures administration of justice for all people. As the judicial section of the government, it is charged with the responsibility of interpreting the laws that are made by legislative as well as determining the punishment to be administered on those who break the law. Like other public organizations, the court system is faced with many challenges.  The challenge of interest to this study is the way in which the court system administers justice, as prescribed by the law, in face of justice administered by the popular media.  Due to its influence, the media, by representing public view, the courts may be influenced by the public to pre-determine the outcome of a court case (Rainey, 2009). There are those high profile cases that are closely followed by the public and in which the public has pre-determined outcome based on their own interpretation of the law. This is a major challenge facing the court system because when the court rules contrary to public perception, the system risks losing trust  of those it is supposed to protect. In particular, this study will look at the process of jury selection because jurors may have unrealistic expectations in face of the public. The study will look at the possible ways that can be used to ensure that the jurors carry out their mandate according to the law notwithstanding public expectations that are created by the popular media.