Course Reflection and Assessment

Self-reflection and self-assessment are part of the professional’s repertoire of academic skills. In this unit, you will reflect on your course experience. This course has been designed to challenge, to engage, and to have an impact on your current or future professional life.
A graded quiz is provided to help reinforce the research concepts you have learned. The assessment also provides exposure to multiple-choice exam items, the format used for the National Counselor Exam.
You are encouraged to complete the course evaluation. This will be emailed to you outside of the course room.
Note: The course evaluation feedback that you provide is completely anonymous and is not viewed by the course instructor until after the course grades are submitted.
To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:
1. Summarize the application of research theories, concepts, and knowledge, and how they can affect the practice of counseling.
Learning Activities
Course Reflection and Assessment
Use your Counseling Research: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods text to review the course readings as needed to compose your answer for this unit’s discussion.

Discussion 1: 1 page needed with 300 words and 2 references.
Course Reflection
Summarize three important insights related to your learning experience while participating in this course. Choose those that you expect to be useful as you progress in your counseling career. The insights may refer to the role of research in counseling, specific research designs and methodology, or ethical and cultural considerations. Be as specific as possible, incorporating material from the text along with your reflections. The suggested length for this discussion is 300 words.


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