Counseling Skills


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Counseling is an important aspect in psychology and therefore different skills used in counseling are very critical in therapeutic process. In this case, this study will examine the skills used by counselors in therapeutic process. Importantly, this study will be guided by a thesis statement stated as; the skills used in counseling to a greater extent determine the outcomes among the clients (Armstrong, 2006).

This study will demonstrate the importance of counseling skills in therapeutic process as well as outlining the potential counseling contract. Importantly, this paper will explain the dynamics of the expectations of clients and counselors during the counseling session. Additionally, this paper will describe the use of advanced empathy towards the clients in counseling process. In counseling, there are expectations of clients from the counseling process and the counselor and therefore this paper will address these expectations. Further, this paper will address the issue of different behaviors and attitudes of the clients in counseling process. The period of counseling is determined by many factors and hence this paper will look at the resistance of clients which may lengthen the counseling process. Additionally, in order to adequately carry out the counseling counselors need to create a rapport with the clients in order to seek acceptance. On this basis, this paper will look at the importance of this rapport. Moreover, there are various ways of collecting information from the clients and therefore this paper will examine the importance of note taking, video-taping and audio-taping. Basically, when counseling clients, it I very essential to show clients how they will deal with the past experiences. In order to adequately and competently address the above mentioned issues this paper will be divided into different parts with sub-sections (De Board, 1998).