Each student or small team will select a business organization and write a research/organizational analysis paper: 12-15+ pages, double-spaced, size 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1″ margins. If you go over 15 pages, that is fine. You must reference all your research in the text and cite the text where appropriate. Please proof read your paper before submitting it. The paper must be free of spelling and grammar mistakes. It must be a logically written, coherent paper. It should include at least 10 references. Include a Reference page. The paper is due on Week 10 (Midnight Monday, March 16th).

Content of the Project Paper

1. Organizational Context
• include the history, organizational image, size, locations of operation, type of products, and/or services offered

2. Environment in which the Organization Operates
Task Environment
• customers
• suppliers
• competitors
• regulatory group
General Environment
• economic environment
• social/cultural environment
• political environment
• legal environment
• technological environment
3. Organization’s Mission/Vision and Goals
• mission
• its appropriateness and relevance to organizational history and environment

4. Organization’s Strategy
• its relationship with organizational goals and mission/vision
• its relationship with the environment in which organization exists

5. Organizational Structure
• appropriateness of structure to the environment, objectives, and strategy, including effectiveness of form,whether mechanistic or organic.(part of assessment.
• Use of controls and feedback


6. Organizational Culture*
“Personality” of each organization, which includes:
• core values and beliefs
• rules for behavior
• language used
• important rituals
• important symbols and artifacts
• relationship with employees
• its appropriateness and relevance to organizational history and the culture

* This is the most difficult analysis of your project. You will rarely find an article describing the culture of an organization. You will need to read and analyze many articles about the organization, analyze their messages to their various constituencies (e.g., customers, stockholders, etc.), and identify and interpret the symbols that are important to them. This will help you identify their espoused values and basic assumptions of operation.

7. SWOT Analysis (Chapter 9 of )-part assessment. This should be in chart format:
1.Financial strength?
2.Brand position?
3. Opportunities
1.Market expansion
2.New businesses
1.Financial weakness?
2.Skill level of employees?
3. Threats
2.Government regulation
Strengths and Weaknesses are internal to the organization-things the organization can control,such as pay, benefits, culture, innovation.

Opportunities and Threats are external, such as the opportunity to export to Japan or the threat of government oversight.

8. Your Recommendations Based on the SWOT Analysis. Try to make your recommendations specific. If you recommend that the company embark on a training program to upgrade skills, how will they do that, what are the time related details and who will be responsible. For instance, your project is on Disney Travel Services and you recommend that they come out with a program targeted at middle to lower income customers. How will you go about framing the target, the product,the promotion,price and details of the product such as location,price,features.When will you launch this product and who will be responsible for developing it and bringing it to market?


Costco Wholesale Corporation simply known as Costco is an American membership- only warehouse that offers a wide range of retail products and services. The company was established as Price club on July, 1976 in California by Sol Price. The first warehouse with the Costco name was established in Seattle, Washington in 1983 (Stephens, 2013). Currently, the company is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington. Costco operates over 671 warehouses across the world with majority of the warehouses (474) being operated in the United States. The company operates its warehouses in Canada (88), Mexico (34), the United Kingdom (26), Japan (20), South Korea (11), Taiwan (10), Australia (7), and Spain (1) (Costco Wholesale Corporation, 2015). The average size of warehouse is approximately 144,000 square feet. Costco operates on a seven- day, 69- hour week.