Cost of Home Health Care


i need a letter of intent, abstract, introduction, literature review

• A one-paragraph ABSTRACT (hard to write without a completed report but easy to fake.) Just think about what you would have proven if you had written the full report. In other words, what was the problem, what method(s) did you use to collect your data, what was the end result, and what did you conclude from the end result? The abstract is different from the introduction.

• The report’s INTRODUCTION stating the purpose and scope of your report. Give background information that introduces the subject matter, states your thesis, orients the readers to your report, and offers a brief look at your conclusion.

• A REVIEW OF LITERATURE (using MLA documentation style) in which you briefly review all five or more sources and evaluate each source’s contribution to your thesis

• Copies of your four new sources (If you use parts of a book or long report as your source, you must photocopy the pages that support your thesis along with the title and copyright pages to submit to me. If you use the Internet, you must print the actual documents (printed copies of the material) from those websites and attach them to the report. Do not send the web addresses (URLs) expecting me to take the time to get your source. )

I have a copy of 1 source I have been working with all semester, I will need to be able to send a copy of the other 4 you provide.


powerpoint presentation:

• a brilliant purpose statement (consider your thesis) to gain your audience’s attention;
• vital background information to pique the audience’s interest;
• the main points of your report to direct your audience’s focus;
• concrete details and support to increase your audience’s understanding; and
• a definitive conclusion to entrench itself into your audience’s memory.


  • Home healthcare service – health care services for recuperating and old individuals
  • Growing elderly population – increase need for home healthcare cost
  • High cost of home healthcare nursing increasing government spending