copper mine in arizona


the paper is a controversial essay. The most important thing on the paper is to follow the PIE structure. In addition to having a rhetorical analysis for each source used. A clear specific detailed thesis should be in the introduction.( the research question should be the thesis). please look for any grammar mistakes and correct them. try not to use complicated worlds . the paper should look like this: an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. make shore that all the body paragraphs are related to the thesis.


Mining in the State of Arizona, United States, has over many years contributed to the economic development of the state, as well as holding the reputation for leading in the production of copper. Indeed, there are a variety of mining activities that have been taking place in Arizona for over a century, most of them entailing metal mining. There are many benefits associated with mining in this state, which have made an important contribution to the building of the economy. Some of the minerals that are mined in Arizona include copper, molybdenum, Portland cement, crushed stone, construction sand and gravel, as well as lime. These constitute 99 percent of the state’s total mineral production value, which was worth over 7.84 billion dollars as of 2008. The figures are subsequently higher than that at the moment. In spite of the benefits that are associated with mining in Arizona, there have been various disputes from numerous groups based on issues arising from mining. Most groups have solid and genuine complaints in regard to the disadvantages of mining, most of which are environmental related arguments. Various groups have time and again raised their concerns about some malpractices by the mining companies participating in the mining industry in Arizona. Notably, environment protection groups have been up in arms against mining companies for violating environmental protection laws and acts.  The main bone of contention has been about the mining procedures and methods and their impact on the environment.  As a result, these controversies have delayed mining operations because it takes a lot of time to revolve the outstanding issues and to give specific mining activities a clean bill of health.  However, it is should be recognized that although the controversies have caused some delays, they have achieved a number of benefits including better working conditions, wages, pension plans and conservation of environment among others.