Content Analysis


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According to Bernard Berelson, Content Analysis refers to a research technique for the objective, systematic and quantitative description of clear content of communication (Berelson, 1952). It is a research instrument that is focused on the actual content and internal features of media. Content Analysis is used to establish the presence of certain words, themes, concepts, characters, phrases or sentences within a given text. It enumerates this presence in an objective manner. This text include books, essays, interviews, discussions, newspapers headlines and articles, conversations, speeches, or even historical documents. In order for you to conduct a content analysis on a text, you need to code or break down the text into manageable classes on different levels and then examine them. The analysis give important outcomes that are decoded as messages and conclusion made based on these messages. For example when analyzing a text, you will be able to point out significant features such as the purpose of the coverage, discrimination, biases and mistakes made by the authors or publishers (Carney, 1972).