Contemporary Asia

  1. The theme for your project is ‘Contemporary Asia’.

You need to write an essay of maximum 1,500 words, excluding references and appendices, on one particular current issue in a country in Asia. For the issue, you can choose from one of the topics in this unit or you can choose an entirely different topic. For the country, you can choose any of North, East, South and Southeast Asian countries.

Your essay should include the following points:

  1. Background to the issue as occuring in that particular country.
2. The evolution of the issue in that country.
3. What is interesting about the issue (as occuring in that country).
4. If possible, provide your informed prediction of how this issue will evolve further in that country.

Please submit your journal in Microsoft Word format only.
Please do not by shy from using figures, statistics and other supporting materials to strengthen your essay. Marking Rubric – Project (40 points)

Content and Argument: 20 points

1.  Does the essay demonstrate a depth of analysis of a relevant issue?

2.  Are the arguments in the essay coherent, stimulating, insightful and well-structured?

3.  Does the essay show a critical and independent thinking?

4.  Does the essay show a good quality of (second-hand) research?

Research and Sources: 10 points

1.  The quality of sources you use to corroborate your arguments.

2.  The relevance of the sources you use.

3.  Overall research effort you put into your essay.

4.  Are sources appropriately acknowledged?

Expression/Style: 10 points

1.  The use of adequate and appropriate English style, tone, grammar and punctuation.

2.  The clarity of expression in your essay.



China is a country in Asia, which is the largest and the most populated continent. Asia covers the eastern and the northern hemispheres, it covers over 30% of the world’s land, and it has over 60% of the total world population. The main reason that makes population an issue in Asia is that despite having the highest population it also has the highest population growth rate in the world. In the 20th century, the population quadrupled, which made some countries introduce to regulation to hold the rapid increase in population. China is the most populated country not only in Asia but in the whole world. China has over 1.3 billion people, which account for over 30% of the entire population in Asia and 20% of the world’s population(Mason, and Yamaguchi, 2007, 23).