Consumer Protection




  1. In reviewing all of the consumer protections identified in Chapter 17, determine the two most essential means of protection for citizens. Explain your rationale.



  1. Explain whether the U.S. government should do more to protect consumers or if consumers should become more aware and informed in today’s business environment. Justify your response.


3.Of all the duties described in Chapter 20, determine the one duty that is the most important for management to uphold. State a rationale with your answer.



  1. Imagine you are the Director of Finance for a large publicly traded company. Of all the material covered in Chapter 22, analyze the single most important element that a Director of Finance must practice diligently. Provide a rationale for your answer.

Bottom of Form



In the past consumers had difficulties in resolving dispute between them and the service providers, creditors and manufacturer. Today, the US government has established means and resource of resolving the associated differences with the sole aim of protecting the consumers and regulatingtrade. The two most essential means of protecting consumer used are: use of federal and state laws, and the internationally ratified treaties such as the International Recycling and Chemical Safety Standards (IRCSS). In both the two measures, the state has a lead role in ensuring that citizens are protected from harmful goods and services as well as unfair and deceptive transactions that they might be involved in. The federal government and the state governments have the resources and legal mandate to protect the citizens. The state is able to regulate and prohibit discriminatory credit requirements and protect consumers from fraud businesses activities. The state through its agencies ensures that for any given company to operate, it must comply with the set laws and regulations.  Any company that fails to adhere to the set laws is penalized or even denied operation license. The law also ensures accountability that in turn, make company owners to be proactive and cooperate with government agencies in ensuring that there is self-regulation.