AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Portfolio




The consumer behaviour forming the basis for this exercise is buying a bicycle. The study will also discuss the philosophical and theoretical postulation of a consumer exercising their free will in the purchase process, extended problem solving and rational decision making process when making purchase, and motivational theories like Maslow hierarchy of needs and theory of self-determinism. These theoretical underpinnings will be used in analysis of the consumer decision making process in the study.





Assessment Item 1: Consumer Behaviour Portfolio

Due: Friday 7 th of September 2018 11:59 PM to Turnitin
Weighting: 25% of grade
Length: 1,250 words (+/- 10%)
This portfolio is designed to help you use consumer behaviour theories to analyse and understand
your own consumer behaviour. In this assessment, you will submit three (3) out of five (5) tutorial
worksheets as part of a portfolio. You must submit Activity 2 and then choose any two (2) others
from activity 1 to 5. The tutorial program has been designed to assist your learning and is directly
linked to this assessment. In the past, students who have attended tutorials have performed better
on this assessment than students who attended less often.
Consumer Behaviour List
In the second tutorial, you will select ONE consumer behaviour from the list below that you have
done in the last month. Once you have selected a behaviour you cannot change, as your assessment
requires you to submit activity worksheets on the same behaviour.
List of Consumer Behaviours
Buying a PC/laptop/high-technology item
 Buying a mobile phone
 Buying a car or bike
 Buying a fashion item
 Buying a book, movie or game
 Booking an overseas holiday
 Going to a concert
 Choosing to do volunteer work
Going to the movies
 Choosing a restaurant for a special occasion


AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Portfolio
Assignment structure and requirements
For your portfolio, you must follow the specified structure. Be sure to use the “CB Portfolio
Template” and worksheets contained in the “Tutorial Workbook”. Do not change the order of the
content in the activity worksheets in any way, as this may result in reduced marks. This assignment
requires the use of first-person language. The total word count for the assignment is 1250 words
(+/- 10%). This excludes the questions in the workbook, reference list, appendix and any word in
Introduction ~ 100 words
– State the consumer behaviour that you have selected as the basis for the portfolio.
– Summarise the linkages between the theories in your three selected worksheets and how these
explain your consumer behaviour.
– Keep this section to 1 – 2 paragraphs.
Worksheets ~ 1000 words (approx 350 words per activity worksheet)
– Copy and paste the worksheets from the AMB200 Tutorial Workbook (available on the
blackboard site) into your assignment. You may format the content to be consistent with your
font, colours etc. however do not move tables around, change headings or alter question
numbers. Ensure that your tables do not go over the page. You may use 10 point single-space
for the table content.
– Provide visual evidence of anything related to the topic you have selected (e.g., screen capture
from a website, photograph, diagram, image, etc.).
Activity Worksheet 1
– Part A of each worksheet assesses your knowledge of a particular theory (ies) and as such does
not require you to reference the content. Just use the information from the textbook and the
lecture notes to assist you.
– Part B of each worksheet assesses your ability to translate consumer behaviour theory into
practice. This section requires you to demonstrate insight into your own behaviour. You should
use additional references in this section (the textbook primarily and academic journals where
appropriate), however there is no need to go beyond three (3) references per worksheet. This
section is where most of the word count for the worksheet will be used, but be concise and
articulate. Provide your response in 2 – 4 paragraphs and do not use dot-points or numbered
Activity Worksheet 2
– Same format requirements as worksheet 1
Activity Worksheet 3
– Same format requirements as worksheet 1
Conclusion ~100 words
– Summarise the theories you have used in this portfolio and the lessons that you have learnt
about your own behaviour. You may also want to connect/synthesise the relationship between
the theories in your worksheets to explain your behaviour.


AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Portfolio
– Keep this brief with 1 – 2 paragraphs.
Reference List (not included in word limit)
Create a reference list that correctly references all of the sources you used in this assignment.
Using APA 6 th Edition Referencing

This is the checklist for the Consumer Behaviour Portfolio:
Use the CB Portfolio Template and worksheets contained in the Tutorial Workbook
Complete all necessary details on the cover page, including personal information, tutor information
and word count.
Include a reference list that corresponds to the in-text references. Use a consistent referencing style
throughout the document (APA 6 th Edition referencing is preferred).
Use academic sources, such as academic journal articles. Wikipedia and other similar sources are not
to be referenced in this assignment. Do NOT reference the lecture notes.
Include a maximum of one page for an appendix with tables and/ or other supporting information,
where appropriate.
Submit electronically to Turnitin by 11:59 PM on the due date (the link will be available on
Blackboard under assessment). Make sure whether you are uploading the right assignment.
Back-up and keep electronic copies of your assignment