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Assignment 1 – Reflection on professional roles through case studies
Weighting: 15% individual mark
Due: Monday Week 4 by 12 noon through Turnitin
800 word limit +/- 10%
This assignment is designed to help you gain an understanding of the breadth of roles possible in Construction Management and to begin thinking about your own career trajectory. It requires you to demonstrate both a basic knowledge of the possibilities for CM graduates and a more comprehensive understanding of ONE specific construction management role.
This assignment is structured in three sections.
1. Overview of roles possible for CM graduates – 100 words
2. Case study of ONE specific CM role – 300 words
3. Personal reflection on why you wish to pursue a career as the role you identified in section 2 – 400 words
Section 1: Overview of roles possible for CM graduates – 100 words.
Construction Management (CM) is a diverse field with many possibilities. Research and write about the common jobs that may be undertaken by a CM Graduate. You are expected to provide titles for the jobs, together with brief descriptions of their roles. You may use bullet points for this section, after you have introduced the general topic with a topic sentence.
Section 2: Case study of ONE specific CM role – 300 words.
In this section you will be required to develop a ‘case study’ of one particular CM job. The case study should include at least the following information:
 Job title
 Duties / Responsibilities (activities) and reporting relationships
 Outline of what the daily routine could look like
 Essential skills / qualities
 Pay scales
 Good and not so good things about the job, and/or challenges
These bullet points can be used as headings in the case study.
You can develop the case study in two different ways.
Option1. If you have contact with someone working in a CM job that you would desire to do yourself, you may choose to interview them. You should make sure that the questions you ask will give you enough information to cover the required information listed above. It is a good idea to audio-record the interview (with the permission of the person you are interviewing). If you do not record the interview, ensure that you take good notes. Some sample interview questions are provided at the end of this document.
Option2. If you do not know someone in the Construction Management industry to interview or you prefer to research on your desired job, you could build a kind of ‘composite case’. You could gather information from different sources to give a fuller picture of what carrying out a particular Construction Management job would be like. You might use information from published interviews (print or video), blogs, professional organisations, job-seeking websites and other places to build up this picture.
You will need to indicate which option you are using to build your case study. If you choose to interview the person, you will be required to provide details of your interview in the appendix. If you choose to do research on the job, you will be required to provide references and all references should be in Harvard format.


Construction management is a wide subject that deals with various aspects in the construction industry. A student who undertakes a course in construction management has an advantage in choosing their career path as there are many jobs they can undertake. The following are some of the jobs that a construction management student can venture into: