Congressional Hearing


Project Two: Congressional Hearing Group Project
To complete this project, you will develop an informed position and participate in a structured debate on a current issue in homeland security. This project consists of individual and group participation portions.

The individual portion requires you to develop a statement for submission to a mock congressional Homeland Security Committee in support of a policy or policy change on one of several current topics your instructor will identify. From these topics, you will choose an area of interest in which to research and defend a position. Before you select a topic, you will have the opportunity to review some sample statements, and links will be provided in the conferences to both video and written examples of statements. Your statement should be approximately five pages in length.


As a state, there is a great value in remaining united and maintaining the image so that everyone would feel comfortable as a citizen. The need to address the issue on the military gay policy is quite paramount as it has met variant reactions and perceptions from the public, activists, organizations, senates, military family members and military themselves in the United States. This law, which deprives gay military official of open service while in their official attires, is quite discriminative and wayward and it has been a contentious issue under varied investigations and research aimed at making an informed decision on it by the congress.