Conflict Resolution


Analyze the situations below, complete the actions, and prepare a 3-4 page double-spaced report with your conclusions: (Note: Please do not simply provide a generic description extracted from the textbook, relate your examples to the situation).

Given a conflict situation, explain how to apply three of the conflict management approaches (specified by the instructor). Which one do you think would be the most effective and explain why.
Given a negotiation situation involving distributive bargaining, determine the fundamental distributive bargaining strategy you would use and explain why this would be effective. Outline the tactical tasks and give an example of actions you would take related to each task. Explain why these actions would facilitate a successful negotiation.
Given a negotiation situation involving integrative bargaining, outline the steps integrative negotiation process and examples of actions that both parties could take in each step. Explain why these actions would facilitate a successful negotiation.


In this situation, there seems to be no apparent reason for the conflict but rather an issue of misunderstanding. The conflict has been fueled by a humorous statement made by the vice-president of marketing that the design department tends to over design the products. This comment was not meant to be a criticism but rather a humor but it was eventually misunderstood by the vice-president of design and he leveled the score by asserting that the marketing manager does not understand design limitation. The conflict spills over to influence employees to take sides. The course of this conflict shows that a point of misunderstanding spills from a conflict of two people to a full blown conflict that affects the employees. The following are three main approaches that can be used to resolve this conflict.