Conflict between Andy and Martha


Conflict and Communication (Time 2:41)

Andy and Martha have been married for five years. Both went to graduate school and have careers they enjoy. Andy is offered a promotion that involves moving to Seattle (1,500 miles away from their present residence). Martha is unwilling to move or live apart. Conflict develops.

As you watch and listen to the video clip, evaluate how this particular situation raises issues of marital communication and satisfaction. Be sure to include information from the course material and other resources to support your points and contentions.

This Case Study is worth 100 points, should be at least 750 words(about 3 pages) in length, and is due Sunday of this week by 11:59 p.m. (MT).

Be sure to use APA format! Your Case will be graded on content–how well you discuss the cases using the concepts we have been learning throughout the class– (75%); format–the proper use of APA style (15 %), and organization and grammar–correct sentence structure, appropriate puncutation, proper tenses, and correct spelling and word use (no “there” when you mean “their” and the like (10%).

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Conflict and Communication (Time 2:41)
SOCS315 Week 4 Case Study Audio Transcript

Narration: Andy and Martha married five years ago when both completed graduate school. Last week Andy got the job offer of his dreams with one problem. He would have to move 1500 miles away. Martha loves her current job and has no interest in moving or in living apart. Andy sees this job as one that could really advance his career. For the past week they have talked and argued continuously about the job offer.

Andy: “So today I was checking on flights from here to Seattle. If we plan ahead, we can get roundtrip tickets for around $300. It’s not too bad.”

Martha: “On top of the costs of renting a second apartment… we agreed last night that it was too expensive to live apart.”

Andy: “I never agreed to that. Martha, can’t you understand how important this job is to my career.”

Martha: “What about our marriage? I suppose that’s not important at all.”

Andy: “I never said that. If you just get with me on this, our marriage would be fine. You’re just not…”

Martha, “Not what, not willing to be the traditional, supportive housewife?”

Andy: “That isn’t what I was going to say. I never asked you to be a traditional wife or anything other than who you are. But I need you to let me be myself too.”

Martha: “If you want to be yourself, why did you get married? Marriage is about more than just yourself. Marriage is about both of us. You’re not thinking about us at all.

Andy: “And I suppose you are? You only seem to care about what you want. You don’t care about what I want at all. I think you’re being incredibly selfish.”

Martha: “Selfish? You think I’m being selfish? I’m selfish to care about our marriage?”

Andy: “You’re acting as if I don’t care about the marriage and you do. If you really cared about it, you would consider moving to Seattle so we could be together.”

Martha: “Just a second, you told me you didn’t want me to be the traditional wife, and now you want me to follow you wherever you want to go so that you could do as you please.”

Andy: “I didn’t say that. You’re putting words into my mouth. What I said was…”

Martha: “What you said is that I should move to Seattle and support whatever it is you want to do.”

Andy: “I didn’t say that! Quit telling me what I said! Look, Martha, can we just step back from this argument and try to look at the options with a little perspective.

Martha: “I’ve looked all I want to look. I’ve heard all I want to hear. I know where I stand on this, and you know that’s right even if you don’t want to admit it.â€ÂÂ


This clip brings out the conflict in communication between Andy and Martha who have been married for five years. The two attended graduate school and built the careers that they are currently enjoying. The source of their conflict is due to the fact that Andy has gotten a promotion at his work place, but he has to move to Seattle which is 1500 miles away from where they currently reside. Martha is comfortable in her current job and is finding it impossible to move to Seattle with Andy, yet she does not want them to be separated. Andy feels that this move is inevitable since he is likely to get more money and advance in his career. Martha is against Andy moving since she feels it will be too costly and it will cause them to be separated. She thinks that Andy doesn’t care about the marriage and he is being selfish by wanting to move. Andy on the other hand thinks that Martha is being too rigid as he can make the move without threatening their marriage.