Conference Reflective | Conference and Convention Management


requirement  task
1. be a waitress in a restaurant, at the beginning , clinet’s English not so good,
then led some mistakes for her work.
2. client is a introvert. she was not willing to communicate with comusers and colleagues.
but after his effort, he tried his best to improve himself. then learn to communicate with people.
3. he overcame the some problems after his English connumication improved, such as , to make a wrong order. even he can solve customers problems by herself.
4. after her efforts and improvement, he got a good performance in her work.


Special Event – A one-time event that is staged for the purpose of celebration; a unique activity.  All functions that bring people together for a unique purpose.

e.g., civic events, mega-events, social events, retail events

special themed functions in the convention context

Special Events Company – A company that presents special effects and theatrical acts.  May contract the entire event or certain parts of one.

■E.g., Fusion Entertainment Australia