Conference Management. | Conference Reflection


he following sections are recommended for your report:


• brief experiences (projects) discussed in the report, including aims and objectives of the projects, the achieved outcomes, your feelings of the experiencesetcyou can focus your reflection and analysis using one or multiple projects;


• describe your reflections, thoughts, actions, with examples, and relate your experiences to the theories where possible
• where possible, add sub-titles according to key topical areas (e.g., shared goals, empathy and trust, communication & problem solving, and appreciative inquiry)


• summarise your reflection



Attention to use the theories or concept:

What do you reflect upon? 

You are required to reflect upon your own interpersonal communication experiences during the undertaking of group projectseither at University or in your workplace. Provide examples that demonstrate the communication process, the conscious/unconscious utilisation of interpersonal communication skills by yourself or your group members, the outcomes, and indicate how you develop your interpersonal communication skills through the processYour report shall reflect upon especially two skills – ‘receiving’ (active listening) and ‘sending’ (being assertive in communication and negotiation) and indicate how successful/effective your group’s communication was in relation to:



The project I want to reflect about is a marketing presentation that we did with my team mates.  The presentation was about promotion of a new product like Apple watch. This was one of the most fascinating team because there was a robust discussion among the team members, disagreements, and leadership issues. Although we finally made a good presentation that earned  us high marks, it is an experience worth reflecting especially when it comes to my communication, negotiation, and leadership skills.  The aim of this reflection is look at my contribution to the group, what I did best and the things I can change when involved in a collaborative group work again.