Conference Board Report on US Economic Indicators


The Conference Board tracks economic indicators for the U.S. economy. Review the report for the most recent period at:
Review the index and each individual component for the leading, coincident, and lagging indicators. Are the composites up or down? Which specific components are up, and which are down? What is the trend for these measurements over the last three months?


The Conference Board Composite Indices are released periodically on a monthly basis by the Conference Board. The non-profit organization has been existence for the past 90 years and their indices have greatly valued by businesspersons around the globe for their relevance in presenting and predicting market dynamics. The data used for computing the indices for February is collected up to 12.00pm of 18th March 2009. Composite Indices are computed via five steps which include: monthly data are calculated for every component of the Composite index, any changes are incorporated to compute growth rates, monthly volatilities are ascertained, indices are calculated using symmetric change formula and rebased to an average of 100 using 2004 as the base year (Conference Board, 2009).