compare and contrast 2 influentiual leaders in history.


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2 pages long PROPER APA FORMAT compare and contrast 2 influential leaders in history.

use at least 3 sources, more is better.


The term ‘leader’ basically refers to a person who is capable of influencing others to follow a certain ‘path’ or rather take a certain course of action. Leadership refers to the manner by which a certain individual strives to influence others towards the realization of organizational, group, or individual goals. An effective leader is one who has proper interpersonal skills and they need influence to achieve teamwork and cooperation.  A leader is always focused on producing spectacular changes in cooperation with other people so as to make a difference by demonstrating positive energy.  There are different types of leaders who are either made or born leaders. In other words, leadership skills could be gained through different training methods or individual experiences (Skidmore, 2004).