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Reflective practice exercise 2 (Week 5): Workshop format
The workshop format we use in Company Law is also known  in the education
literature as 'inverted' or 'flipped' lectures. The lecture is ‘flipped’ because the content
normally delivered face-to- face in a 2 hour lecture is replaced by videos which
students are required to view out-of- class before the workshop in a particular week
begins. Unlike the traditional lecture you have used in other courses, your first
exposure to technical knowledge is therefore before, not during, the workshop. This
allows you to concentrate on improving your problem-solving skills during the
workshop. Because the format of these workshops is new, it can be quite a “culture
shock” for many students. You are responsible for reading the material (e.g. video,
workbook and textbook) prior to the workshop and then being an active participant
during workshop exercises that test your written problem-solving, interpersonal and
other skills.
The second Reflective exercise requires you to answer these questions:

1. Choose an area of knowledge from 2106AFE Company Law that you have
learned (e.g. constitution, replaceable rules, company powers, separate legal
entity, holding company and subsidiaries, promoters, pre-registration
contracts, agency, statutory assumptions, share capital reductions, meetings
and dividends), and a skill that you have learned better (e.g. written legal
problem-solving using the ILAC method). What exactly have you learned
during Weeks 1-4 of 2106AFE Company Law that you did not know before?
2. How precisely did you learn this knowledge and skill?
3. How did this knowledge and skill relate to other concepts from Weeks 1-4
in 2106AFE Company Law ; other courses in your degree programme (eg.
Company Accounting, Financial Accounting Theory, Corporate Finance,
Banking Law and Finance); if you have a part-time or casual job, how did this
knowledge or skill relate to that job; and how might you use this knowledge or
skill in your future career?
4. What other things could you have done so far in 2106AFE Company Law to
learn this knowledge and skill better?
5. What job do you see yourself doing in ten years' time? What knowledge and
skills from Weeks 1-4 in 2106AFE Company Law could you use in that job?
6. What knowledge areas and skills have you learned best during
the workshops in Weeks 1-4 in 2106AFE Company Law?
7. What have been your weakest areas (knowledge and skills) during these
workshops in Weeks 1-4 in 2106AFE Company Law?  How might
you improve in these weak areas moving forward?

Please make sure you read the instructions before completing this exercise
Maximum 450 words (total).
Please record your reflection’s word count at the end of your submission.


There are two important things that I have learned during Weeks 1-4 of 2106AFE Company Law.  The first important thing I have learned is about dividends and the other is about using the ILAC method. About dividends, I knew before that companies are required by law to pay dividends to the shareholders at the end of their trading period as outlined in Section 124(1)d.