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2. Assignment
You are required to attempt a problem-solving assignment based on a case scenario dealing with materials
from topics 1 to 3 of the semester program which will be posted on the unit website by 5pm (WST) on
Friday 25 March. The assignment must be submitted through Turnitin in Blackboard before 5 pm (WST) on
Friday 8 April. Marks will be deducted for late submission. The assignment carries 30% of the total unit
marks. You will not be awarded marks for copying directly or closely from any textbook or legislation.The
assignment will consist of a problem question, some of which will require you to use the 4 step process to
answer the question. The 4 steps are:
1. Introduce the area of law;
2. Write the law;
3. Apply the law to the problem question; and
Task Value % Date Due
Unit Learning
Test 20 percent Week: 12
Day: Between 9am
on 18 May and 6pm
on 20 May
Time: As above
shown in Western
Standard Time
Case Study 30 percent Week: 6
Day: 5pm Friday 8
Time: As above
shown in Western
Standard Time
Final examination 50 percent Week: 16-17
Day: TBA
Time: TBA
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4. Come to a conclusion.
Guidelines for Submission:
The assignment must be accompanied with the cover sheet provided on Blackboard and must be submitted
by 5 pm (WST) on Friday 8 April (WST). The assignment has a word limit of 2500 words including
footnotes and it will not be assessed if it exceeds 2500 words. It is advisable that you make use of the
permitted word limit to write your answer. Please ensure that you have checked the document for spelling and
grammar before submission.
The assignment MUST be submitted electronically through Turnitin in Blackboard, complying with the following
format requirements. If it does not conform to these requirements without prior agreement of the unit coordinator,
it will be either returned back to the student unmarked or will have marks deducted.
Please observe the following requirements:
Font: – Times or similar font – no smaller than 12 point in size
Spacing: – 1.5 line spacing, and appropriate paragraph spacing
Margin: – at least 2.5cm on the top, left, right & bottom
Pages: – Numbered in top or bottom margin
Paper: – A4 size paper
Once you are satisfied that your assignment is ready for submission, you should save it with a filename as
stated below:
Lastname_Firstname_Student ID.doc
For example: Smith_John_12345678.doc
You should also make sure that you save a copy for your records before submitting. You will find instructions
on the submission process including referencing in the Assessment folder on Blackboard, please read these
thoroughly before submitting your assignment..
There are penalties for lateness, a loss of 10% of the marks per calendar day or part thereof. Extensions
will NOT be granted unless there is an exceptional reason and this can be proved with documentation.
In addition, you may be required to show progress to date.
3. Final Exam
The 2 hour final exam (plus 10 minutes reading time) will be held during the prescribed University final
exam period. You have an obligation to organise your personal and work commitments to be available to sit
the exam when it is scheduled. It is a mandatory requirement to sit the final exam. Exam timetables can be
obtained from the University web-site. Policy does not permit it to be given over the telephone. It is the
student’s responsibility to check the date and time of the Final Exam on the Curtin website.
The final exam will require you to answer two problem questions carrying 20 marks each and one essay
question worth 10 marks. The problem questions will require you to use the 4 step process. The exam is a
restricted book exam and you will not be permitted to take your text book into the exam room. However, you
will be allowed to take the following into the exam:
a) the book in the prescribed ‘Company Law Pack’ containing the legislative extracts – this book can be tabbed
but no writing or notes of any kind are permitted in the book; and
b) two (2) A4 size sheets of paper which you will need to hand in with your exam paper at the end of the exam
– you can hand write anything on both sides of the two (2) A4 sheets of paper but you are not allowed to type
or print.
The exam will cover all topics.
No final results are available prior to the Board of Examiners meeting held after the exam. Results are
published on the University web-site. The University will also officially notify you in writing of your final
result. Official results for this unit are published on Oasis on the Curtin


The principle of separate legal entity posits that a company is an artificial legal entity, which has rights and it is subject to duties and obligations.  The company exists as a separate independent entity from the members, and has limited liability. This principle denotes that the company is distinct legal being and thus liable for an independent judicial process in law.  The principle of separate legal entity of a company is enshrined in sections119, 124 -125 of the Corporations Act 2001 (cth).According to section 1.5.1 of the Corporations Act 2001(cth), a company has a, “separate legal existence that is distinct from its owners, managers, employees, and agents.” This section states that a company has its own possessions, privileges, and duties, and its cash and properties are for the business and ought to be put in use for the purpose of the business. Section 124 states that owners of the company are not answerable for the company’s obligations.