community assessment


his is nursing community accessment and powerpoint presentation this is for a South Philadelphia community zip code 19147 and 19148 I will provide info about neighborhood to writer if I accept your terms below is instruction
Complete an assessment of a geographic community. Prepare and submit a 10-12 slides, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes. Handouts are used for portions of the data for the purpose of student reference and effective use of time.
Community Assessment Tool

The community assessment will describe a defined geographic community.
Identification of the community selected
Population characteristics including age, gender ratio, race, socioeconomic status, educational level.
Health Care Status Indicators
Mortality rates
Infant mortality rates
Age-specific death rates
Leading causes of death
Morbidity rates of Communicable Disease (if available):
Vaccine- preventable communicable diseases
Watson’s Theory of Human Caring
1. Living space
a. Housing
b. Zoning
c. Parks
d. Recreational areas
e. Industrial
f. Agricultural areas
2. Distribution of necessary goods and services
a. Business area(s)
b. Availability of stores for food, clothing, and other essential services
c. Health service facilities and personnel
d. Available transportation to health care and other essential services
e. Availability of public assistance
3. Maintenance of safety and order, and means for resolution of conflicts
a. Police and fire protection services
b. Public health measures: the setting and enforcement of environmental services to assure safe drinking water supply, air quality, sewer and waste management

c. Governmental forms to handle special interests and the conflicts of interest
d. Courts and the legal system.
4. Education and acculturation
a. Schools: preschool through high school, access to post-secondary education, vocational education, and continuing education
b. Openness and mobility within community groups
5. Transmission of beliefs and ideas
a. Availability of mass media, churches, civic, social and academic organizations
6. Creating and enforcing rules and standards of belief and behavior
a. Community ordinances
b. Community norms
7. Provision of opportunities for interactions between individuals and groups
a. Public hearings, community forums (e.g., town meetings, letters to the editor)
Nursing Diagnosis
Plan of Care for Nursing Diagnosis for the Community
1. Goal
2. Measurable, time-limited objectives (two objectives)
3. Community health interventions (three interventions)
4. Proposed method of evaluation


A number of diseases most of the time affects some people more than others. The explanation for this observation may be due to factors such as the living standards, social factors, environmental factors and cultural factors among other factors. As a nurse, one should be able to conduct a community assessment to establish the contributing factors behind the prevalence of a particular disease. This paper is essentially a community assessment Hypertension in the Cambodian people living in Philadelphia. The assessment will seek to establish the reasons behind the high prevalence of hypertension other than their non compliance to the medical standards which are causing more strokes and dialysis in this community than in others.