Communities of Refugees(afghani communities of refugees)


Essay Question
In this course we are exploring the inequalities in health status and health outcomes in cultures, and their intersection with social structures such as social class, gender and ethnicity. Social inequalities mean that health workers work with the vulnerable. The marginalised have higher rates of illness and long-term morbidity.
For your essay, please select one of the following communities:
Rural and Remote Community
Communities of Refugees
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and Intersex Community
In 1500 words, discuss how your chosen community group is affected by social inequalities, and the direct consequences this has on their health and well-being. Explore the role of the contemporary registered nurse providing care to members of this community, and how they may empower and advocate for their clients.
A suggested format is described below:
Part 1 – 400 words
Describe the community that forms the basis of your assignment. Remember, a community is not restricted to a geographical location but can reflect many other defining characteristics of populations, such as economic status, a common illness or ethnicity.
Part 2 (500 words)
Describe how in this group the particular social structures intersect with [and describe any lack of intersection] the health experience and health outcomes for this group. Please provide recent data to support your description.
Part 3 (300 words)
Outline how registered nurses may empower their clients during interactions. Identify appropriate roles and tasks for the registered nurse that would facilitate empowerment of or advocating for these clients.



A few hints:
You must support your paper with appropriate references from professional literature, preferably published from 2003 onwards. A minimum of 10 references is expected for this assignment, the majority of which should be published in good-quality academic journals. Do not use only textbooks.
You must use APA 5th Edition Referencing style. Significant marks will be lost for failure to do so. Use the EndNote referencing software available from the library to ensure a consistent APA 5th style.
Bullet points, headings, or subheadings in this essay are not acceptable as this is a formal essay.
Include a brief introduction and conclusion to your assignment.
Attach the marking criteria to your assignment.
The essay is to be a minimum of 1500 words in length with an allowance of 10% over or under the word limit. This means essays that are shorter than 1350 words or longer than 1650 words will be penalised. The assignment is to be presented in accordance with University guidelines. Please see the presentation checklist below to assist you with this.
There is time allocated in class and during Common Time for assistance with this assessment item. Please make sure you avail yourself of this assistance.







1972NRS Perspectives in Nursing, Health, Culture and Society Essay Marking Criteria

Due date: Friday 21st of May by 4pm

Student name: ………………………………………………………Student number: ………………………..
Below is an outline of the marking criteria that will be used. Please print this off and attach to your essay.
Assessment criteria Value Mark
Clear identification of the chosen group and provision of current epidemiological, social, political data to describe this community.

? Description of community group= 5
? Epidemiological, social, political data and current statistics = 10 15
Description of main health issues that affect this group and inclusion of the social determinants that impact this community’s health and wellness.
• Accurate Identification of main health issues = 5
• Inclusion of pertinent factors contributing to health outcomes = 10 15
Description of the role of the nurse in improving health outcomes and appropriate nursing interventions that facilitate a positive health experience for this chosen group.

? Identification of at least 3 appropriate nursing interventions/practices = 10

? Rationale provided as to how these interventions empower this client group=20

Effective integration of literature [in APA format] that is used to describe the chosen population.

? Utilisation of literature to support interventions, in-text citations in APA format = 8
? Appropriateness of literature to support this descriptive essay [recent journal articles] = 8
? Appropriate Essay structure that includes: introduction, body and conclusion & Effective use of paragraphs and correct paragraph structure = 8
? Reference List in APA format = 6 30
Presents material in accordance with academic standards and APA formatting guidelines.

Total mark


Refugee community refers to any community that has been given residency status in another country due to deterioration conditions in their home country. They can be defined as any community that lives in a foreign land. Since their freedom is restricted in different ways, refugee communities are faced with many challenges. They are faced with tough economic conditions since they have to rely on organizations like United Nations and others to received economic aids. In some refugee countries, refugees live in crowded camps where provision of basic healthcare is restricted. After decades of war, there are hundreds of thousands of Afghan refuges who are currently living in refugee camps in different countries in the world.  They are faced with different challenges economical, socially, and politically.