Communicating With China | Chinese guanxi (connections) and Australian’s networking


Essay Question: What are the differences between the Chinese guanxi (connections) and Australian’s
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 Literature review (to show that you are aware of significant research works on the topic, and
highlight the gap in the literature)
 Discussion (your arguments and findings)
 Conclusion and implications
 Reference list (APA 6th referencing)


People in business and other economic activities all over the world engage in relationships as they are seen as healthy and important for personal and business growth (Pun, Chin and Lau, 2000). Social relationships are revered differently among people of different backgrounds and countries. China and Australia are two countries that are socially different in almost all social spheres. In China social connections are known as guanxi while in Australia it is known as networking (Chua and Morris, 2006). The two concepts are about building strong networks and connections for personal and business growth. However, they are different in various ways. The aim of this paper is to explore the differences between the Chinese guanxi and Australian networking.