Combining Nurse Leader With Advocacy


Combining Nurse Leader With Advocacy
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Nursing is a very critical practice in the medical field and revered by the community because its primary concern is promoting health. Nurses are required to be reliable and competent enough in their work because of the high level of dependency on them by the community. The Nurse Manager Skills Inventory states that a nurse needs to have distinctive skills for effective performance of nursing duties (Benbow & Jordan, 2009). Responsibility is one of the core values that are emphasized in nursing because to become a leader one must accept responsibility for their actions. Moreover, a nurse also needs to be an advocate. Nursing advocacy was pioneered by Florence Nightingale who fought for it all through her life. Leadership and advocacy are two critical elements which when combined adds great value to the nursing profession. Nightingale particularly fought for patient advocacy and from her huge developments has been witnessed in the profession. Her ideas and work are widely utilised and recognised.  They form the basis of nursing leadership even in the twenty first century. Nursing is a calling to nurture, care, offer companionship, show empathy and follow orders. A nurse leader needs to possess certain attribute that are key in advocacy. One cannot advocate for a cause that they are not part of. Maryland and Gonzales (2012) describes an advocate as one who supports, sponsors, believes, speaks or campaigns on behalf of another individual. As such, being in a leadership position enhances such a worthy cause. A leader is usually well positioned to fight for the rights or welfare of others. A nursing leader can therefore manage to advocate on behalf of both patients and other members of the staff.