Columbine High School Massacre


Must use 5 sources including general historical encyclopedia, history book with section about topic, scholarly journal article, internet source, and textbook. Do the best you can. if you cant find information about topic with these sources its o.k. but try as hard as you can.


Columbine High School massacre is remembered as a depressing event for all Americans. It was the day when two students went on rampage killing more than 12 students and one teacher. The event kicked a hot debate about gun regulations in the country although it was just among the series of mass killings that have been committed by individuals disgruntled with society. The Columbine High School massacre took place on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School in Jefferson Country, Colorado. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold woke up one day and killed 13 on the spot and injuring 21 others directly while three other were injured as they tried to escape. After their horror act, both students then committed murder to evade taking any responsibility. This was the fourth deadliest school massacre to have taken place in  United States coming after the 1927 Bath School massacre, 1966 massacre in Texas University, and famous 2007 Virginia Tech massacre (Garrent 55). As was mentioned earlier, this massacre fueled the long time debate about gun control laws. Most people argued that loose gun control laws had turned guns to toys for play for high school students.  The rising cases of young gun violence have now and then attracted criticism from most people who argue that there should be strict gun control laws. This act also led to discussion on the nature of high school clique, bullying subcultures, and the role that violent movies and video games were having on the young people.  This incident also led to increase school security details, although the incident was to repeat itself in Virginia Tech, less than ten years later.  Although the accident may have come and passed, it left a mark in American history and stirred social debates on youth issues that still remain contentious in the American society.