Climate Change and Beach Resorts


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Climate change has greatly manifested as a great challenge of the 21st century that demands attention of the wider international community.  Communities, governments, and organizations have joined efforts against it. Climate change leads to different social, environmental, and economic impacts on beach resorts and tourism sector in general. According to Tol (2008), climate change’s total impact is essentially estimated as the difference between present’s climate and present economy with some future climate.  The effect of changes in climate in the succeeding years refers to different issues such as changes in structure of the ecosystem; loss of biodiversity forecasted to occur that is forecasted to occur in different parts of the world such as Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and Latin America; decreased winter tourism; and snow cover, as well as mountainous regions with glacier retreat (ITC 2011). According to UNWTO, climate defines the length and quality of seasons besides playing a key role in tourist spending and destination choice. In beach resorts, tourism activity and flow of guests have an extricate relationship with the natural environment (Viner & Agnew, 1999).