City Breaks Market Boom in Europe


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Tourism is comparatively big business in Europe. It’s considered one of the world’s biggest industries and is in some countries regarded as the major foreign exchange earner. The industry is different from other industries such as manufacturing and it effectively addresses some of the most prominent modern problems such as the problem of environmental pollution. Europe is considered one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations and therefore experiences problems associated with massive inflow of tourists in the country. The growth of tourism is expected to continue growing monumentally and it currently generates approximately 12% of GDP and comprises 30% of exports and 6% of employment (UNWTO, 2009). It is estimated that tourism demand will grow by 50% by 2015 which will add almost 3 million people to its job sector to its already existing 9 million workforces. It is also to be appreciated that the way people are taking holidays has considerably changed and the current trend is for people to take shorter and more holidays either within their countries or other preferred places of destination.