Chipotle in Hong Kong


The project proposal is to start chipotle in Hong Kong. My part deals with market analysis, which is two part. So first we need to

A. to develop a number of initial preliminary screening criteria for eliminating countries depending on management objectives, for example, climate, if selling fur coats, or minimum population size, or average income, if selling mass market items.

B. Develop a number of indicators for evaluating the investment climate for your product in each country, such as: the political environment; political stability, attitudes to foreign companies and investment

** so choose other countries and using the instructions above, speak about why they werent the perfect fit.

and then for the second part of the paper, you will speak about HONG KONg specifically.

1) Size of Potential Market for your product in your selected country.
2) Profile of the prospective BUYERS of your product in your selected country
3) Consumption characteristics. How do they buy? When? Where? Why motives)?
4) Market trends for this or related products .Include when possible consumption
or use data (or at the very least-estimates).


Chipotle means “smoked Chili” which is a smoke-dried jalapeno. It is used mainly in Mexican as well as Mexican-inspired cuisines. There are several varieties that differ in heat and size. For over a long time, chipotles were primarily found in southern and central markets of Mexico. On gaining popularity abroad, particularly in the US and Canada, the production of jalapeno started to grow into northern Mexico to cater for the expanding market of southwestern US. Ultimately, processing happened in the US as well as other regions including China. This paper aims at developing initial screening criteria to eliminate the global market places (countries) and provide a justification for the Hong Kong as a suitable market for chipotles (Paiz, Anderson, Barone, Bollinger, Calderon, Lin & Toguchi 2).