Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures


Write a 3-5-page essay about the following: describe the most important things you think a health care professional should know about a cultural or ethnic group with which you identify, and about 2-3 other groups. The essay should be typed (double-spaced

Health care professional and cultural or ethnic groups


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Our country is increasingly becoming diverse in cultures and healthcare systems, and providers are provided with both opportunities and challenges in creating and delivering culturally competent services. The healthcare systems need to efficiently understand the cultural and language barriers in order to effectively diagnose, communicate with, and even treat their patients. The cultural competence will enable the healthcare provider to provide effective healthcare services that meet the social, cultural and linguistic needs of the patients. Culture greatly influences or determines the patient’s beliefs and behaviors which in turn improve the quality of care and health outcomes. I have decided to discuss the three Asian cultures that are, the Chinese, Japanese and Korean because of their significant increase in the American population. Also, most Asian cultural values tend to differ with those of western medical professionals. This article, therefore, seeks at identifying these cultural values to promote participation in preventive screening, immunization, accurate histories, compliance and even increased satisfaction with the care.