China August imports rise


analysis with A recent Chinese Economic News:
1.summary the news
2.analyis with the Cause and effet.


This paper looks at a news article appearing on Reuters titled ‘China Aug imports rise for first time in nearly two years as demand picks up’ (Chen and Glenn, 2016). The article explains how Chinese imports have risen in the last one year which is an indication that Chinese economy is stabilizing. According to the article, the Chinese economy has been on a slow growth leading to low volumes of imports in the country. It says that the rise in imports has been due to enhanced domestic demand which has also seen the volumes of exports increase in the same period. The author says that the country’s import rose by 1.5% which is the first rise since October 2014 (Chen and Glenn, 2016). This was against the early predictions by economists who had predicted that import will fall by about 4.9%. The cutting down on mining the Chinese coal saw the product’s import rise by about 50% from countries with high quality coal like Australia (Chen and Glenn, 2016). Other products that saw a rise in import are automobiles and auto spares, iron ore and mobile phones.