Childhood Obesity

Complete the following tasks related to your Final Research Paper:

  • Complete the research and recording of information for your paper.
    Conduct research and record information you find related to your narrowed topic.
  • Complete the analysis and evaluation of your potential research sources. 
    In order to ensure that your sources are acceptable and appropriate, complete the analysis and evaluation of research sources you have identified and make sure that your research materials are sufficient to support your claim. Determine any areas of additional research, analysis, or evaluation you will need to complete for the Final Research Paper.
  • Organize and integrate information from the tasks you completed in Step One and Step Two. 
    Using the information from your limited research topic and proposed claim (modified, if necessary), prepare the introduction and body sections of your Final Research Paper. Also, use your research proposal, originally written in future tense, and rewrite it in past tense to reflect the actual research you conducted and your research findings. Then, integrate information you obtained from the sources identified in your preliminary reference page as well as other sources you have found since then into the body of your Final Research Paper.
  • Create and submit a Draft Research Paper. 
    The rough draft does not have to be in final form; however, to earn full credit, your draft must contain a title page, at least three pages of text, and a reference page. These pages should be formatted in proper APA style. The Draft research paper must also incorporate at least three sources, cited in the text and in the reference list in proper APA style. The purpose of this draft is to make sure you are making satisfactory progress on this assignment.
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