Child Poverty


Assignment 2 is a pitch, a idea. Assignment 3 have to answer all the questions in requirement of Assignment 3. the Assignment 2 is a presentation, out group make a PPT and our group focus on help New Zealand( i uploaded the ppt already) .

poverty child. In the PPT, we help New Zealand poverty children by finding their problems and providing them resources (money,food,equipment,ensures,talent and so on). The ppt from the groupwork. However, I don’t think there is any innovation action for the actions part, so i changed my ideas in the assignment 3.. Because this assignment mainly talk about innovation and creative. they include all the these things, I think it is not specific.

My idea is our organization is a place to help poor children to develop their outside interests. for example: drawing, music, sport and so on.

1> these children can study any interest they want, then our organization can find out, what is his or her talent

.2> after a period of study, we will create opportunity to children to show them talent like, bazaar, music show or some intern opportunity. The music show, bazaar will get incomes.

The income will return back to these children and the most important thing is we need to tell these poverty children, they can living by themselves, they can earn money by their talent, to build their confidence. it is part of self-value.

This is my main idea for assignment 3. Then u can concern my main idea to finish the questions in assignment 3.


➢Countries like New Zealand which has abundant resources, child poverty could be eliminated completely.

➢Children poverty and future safety (HFCP&FS)

Our project:

We will speak out on behalf of the poor children For their bright future we will support them in achieving their future goals in sports, music or any activities.