Changing of the marketing strategy


Pleaese find a company that has changed their marketing strategy. Please explain what their marketing strategy used to be, what is is currently, what made them change it, and how does/will this change take them into the future. Please be sure to use citation in order to support your statements, and terminology from your textbook as well. “marketing book”


A marketing strategy is a process that is used by an organization to concentrate the limited resources on the greatest opportunities availed in order to increase its sales. Marketing strategy mainly aims at helping the company to achieve a sustained competitive advantage in the market. It is mainly centered on importance concepts that lead to customer satisfaction.  Therefore a marketing strategy is aligned with organization overall strategy and helps the organization to achieve goals laid down in strategic planning.  A marketing strategy will mainly focus on development of products, promotion, distribution, pricing and customer relationship (Laermer andMark, 2007).