Changes of structure of anatomy as human evolution evolves


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One of the controversial subjects in the world is about the origin of animals and in deed the origin of the whole universe.  There have been several theories attempting to explain the origin of the universe.  From the big bang theory to the religious theories, the origin of the universe still remains unknown. One of the earliest scientific theories that tried to explain the origin of species in the universe is the Darwin’s theory of evolution. In his book The Origin of Species, Darwin gave an account of evolution and genetic variation which could be used to explain the existence of different species. Darwin evolution theory has been cited as one of the most important theories that give an account of existence of different species of animals in the universe. One of the interesting accounts of this theory is the path of bipedalism human evolution. This theory claims that the modern human species shared a common ancestry with apes but through bipedalism, human species evolved to an upright movement through evolution.