changes in education will help engineer or technical students respond to the challenges of tomorrow


Your topic and solution may be original, but not so ‘original’ that there are not any journal articles on the topic. This should be a serious discussion. Your sources should be Journal articles from the ASU online library and other quality sources described in Chapter 14 of our textbook.

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Today, more than any other time in history, technology dictates human life.  Technology has enabled human being to overcome majority of the challenges that were faced in the preceding centuries and prepare the way for tomorrow’s challenges.  The main aim of technology innovations is to solve challenges that humans are facing. On the rule of thumb, technological innovation should not be about reinventing the wheel but rather coming up with solutions to the day to day problems.   The education system is important in shaping young innovators and preparing them to face the challenges of tomorrow. The modern education system provides fertile ground for preparing students to understand the challenges of tomorrow and come up with solutions that will solve these problems. However, the current education system may not be well equipped to surmount the challenges of preparing students to find solutions for challenges in the future. It is therefore important to change the current education system to make it proactive in preparing students to face challenges into the future.