Change Management Process



Management Process


Brisbane Roar under the leadership of Postecoglou was able to keep a record of thirty six games unbeaten which still exists until today. Looking back at Postecoglou’s reign at the club, it is evident that he introduced new aspects to raise the club to new heights after the disgraceful dismissal of the former coach. The success by Brisbane Roar would not have occurred had the manager not successfully managed the changes. The success by Brisbane can be helpful to a company that is implementing various changes like Qantas. The introduction of new changes in Qantas culminated to low levels of motivation among the employees. This saw the organization lose some of the most qualified and skilled employees to other players in the industry. According to Smith (2005) employees are the most valuable resources in the organization and as such they should be involved in all changes occurring in the organization. This report shows how Qantas should have managed the changes introduced in the organization effectively by learning from Brisbane Roar reign in the hands of Postecoglou.