Change Initiative for Aetna Incorporated


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Change Initiative for Aetna Incorporated

Change Initiative for Aetna Incorporated+


Aetna Incorporated has been in need of change in several areas of its operation so as to enhance its service delivery. Change is inevitable if this organization intends to reach far. Some of the areas that need to be restructured for instance include; the Customer Service Department, which is a core instrument of Aetna as it usually, handles most business affairs of the organization. There is need to initiate the necessary change in this department so a to respond to the two forces that are demanding for change; that is, maturation of the domestic market as well as competition from foreign entries who have advanced technology and offer cheap products. It has of late it has been realized that the company is not able to realize significant progress when it comes to raising the customer base particularly in the domestic market. The foreign players have also come in and they have captured a good portion of the domestic market and created niche markets. Aetna incorporated therefore needs cultural and structural changes to take place. The necessary manpower and technological advances need to be adopted so as to earn any competitive advantage.