change in health care hand off



Word count : 979

Should be 1500

Please mention that I am working in pediatric department and we are doing 24 hrs shift and we have a poor handoff methods

So we are more prone to mistakes

It should show them that it related to my environment

Chapter 2

Word count : 4963

Should be :2500

This section should critique the literature on the topic of change ( ISBR) and hand off

this should include evidence to support the rationale for the change.

You describe the ISBAR and have some literature on

communication challenges during handoffs.

This does not adequately cover the range of literature that is currently available on this topic

Please re write it .


Change is an essential aspect of everyday life. Human beings are expected to embrace change in all their endeavors and be in the front line advocating for purposive change. The embracement of change is the main force behind all technological advances as it is through change that discoveries are made. In the last fifty years, the world has experienced rapid changes in different areas of the economy from production, consumption, service provision, technology and others.  These changes have necessitated changes in organizations in order to survive in tumultuous business environment. Organization change enables the organization to adapt to the changing business environment. As the business environment changes, organization can implement change in different areas including process change, system change, structural change, and organizational change, all which are aimed at positioning the organization to the changing environment.